UNITY 4 CHRIST  began in 2008 in Fresno Ca. by Holy Jamz. Holy Jamz is a nationwide non profit Gospel and Outreach Ministry based out of Fresno California that coordinates events and conferences, book and promote Gospel Indie artists and assist churches and ministries in Kingdom connecting. Holy Jamz Social media network platform is where Kingdom connections are made and Holy Jamz takes the gospel to the streets where it is needed. The purpose of this all day community outreach event is to bridge the gap of division among the body of Christ and unite Churches and Ministries with the Community to plant spiritual seeds by showing the love of Christ, encouraging the community to fight the good fight of faith. We want them to know they can overcome life's adversities and give them hope through the testimonies of those who fought and are winning the victory through Christ. Unity 4 Christ events were on a hiatus briefly from 2011-2013 due to re-positioning however picked up right where it left of in 2014 and continues on.

Unity 4 Christ event consist of all day entertainment, retail and non profit community vendors, free food distribution, prayer and a wide variety of activities all under one atmosphere of fellowship in UNITY to empower a Christ like lifestyle, spreading the message of Jesus Christ, reach, teach, touch and encourage the community and those individuals in need. Churches, Ministries and Organizations come together in UNITY 4 CHRIST to make this event such a great a success. One of the aspects that makes Unity 4 Christ so amazingly unique is that the main focus is "UNITY" in the body of Christ as well as in the community. Unity is being promoted by extending the opportunity to various gifted gospel artists and ministry performers, Christian Companies and businesses, Churches and ministries to come together for a common goal. Kingdom uniting and Kingdom building.

UNITY 4 CHRIST continues to grow drastically annually, This is not just a ministry, its a MOVEMENT.

Contributing Artists and Performers Past and Present... 2008-Current.

Each and every artist and performer has been a major part and impact at each Unity 4 Christ outreach event. Not only their gifts and talents impacted the community, they ministered through their music and planted a seed that will last a lifetime.

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