Dear Leaders, Fellow Servants, Organizations and Business Owners,

Holy Jamz has been representing and serving the City of Fresno since 2006 with Community and Youth events throughout the city. In the coming years we are strongly focused on reaching out to the communities and youth especially now more than ever with the efforts to save our children from the streets as well as reaching out to those in need and providing much needed Conferences, Outreaches, block parties, Gospel entertainment events for both the young & the older crowd’s that also reaches and touches the lost soul who is crying out for help.

This will be an opportunity not only for all of Fresno Community Churches and organizations to come out in UNITY as ONE body in CHRIST and get involved and represent Christ to reach those in need. We want Christ to SHINE and impact the City of Fresno and the entire Central Valley in a way only HIS LOVE can. Holy Jamz along with several other ministries already have other events lined up in 2018 however our main event is UNITY 4 CHRIST to be held in Sept of 2018. This is where we NEED your help. We need involvement to help assist us in our journey in reaching our communities.

Holy Jamz encourages unity, creativity and cooperation among neighbors and neighboring Businesses, Organizations, Churches and Ministries to get involved to develop innovative projects that accomplish these goals. If you are interested in supporting in any way, by coming out and setting up a booth, assisting, donating or volunteering in any way please contact us.

HOLY JAMZ is excited to provide family-friendly events to our communities in a safe environment that will make a lasting impact in the lives of the citizens of the Central Valley and its communities and beyond! We look forward to representing and building our Father’s kingdom and bringing the lost to deliverance and healing with you!


Mrs Cindy S Jones - Visionary/Founder/Coordinator

Holy Jamz

Min. Mike Jones - Ministry Leader


Pew 2 Pulpit Ministries


Unity 4 Christ Official website:

Holy Jamz Official Website  

***Unity 4 Christ & Holy Jamz is under the leadership of Pew 2 Pulpit Ministries.

You can download the Official Document and share with your Leader, Pastor or Organization to get involved with Unity 4 Christ Community Outreach event. 2018 letter will be available for download in Spring of 2018.

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